What is a Catamaran and what are its advantages??
This is a website that promotes catamarans, but my first goal is that you have objective information and make a decision based on what you have learned.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Catamarans vs monohulls?

A two hull is wider than a monohull and with equal length, the surface to be lived is downright friendlier on a catamaran. A monohull in unfriendly weather can lie down and get up on its own. A catamaran, if it sinks, it’s over. On a catamaran, there are 2 engines on the rear skirts, it helps enormously in the maneuvers at the dock, and the turn on itself is done with one hand. Although the monohull is more difficult to maneuver towards the dock, maintenance of the engine is frankly less expensive because there is only one engine. For safety, it defends itself, a catamaran is said unsinkable because with two hulls if one takes water, the other allows to float!!!!

Why I prefer to charter a catamaran than a monohull?

  1.- A lot of surface on the deck, which means great comfort and the possibility of great activities on the deck (fishing, sunbathing and bathing, windsurfing, canoeing, etc.).
  2.- Absence of anchor.
  3.- To the above is added the possibility of embarking on beaches. (Many multihulls in other parts of the world, instead of staying in a mooring, "sleep" on the beach.)
If you already have decided what kind of adventure you want, then search for a boat charter agency, in another post I will talk about some of them. 

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I will leave a link to one of them in case you are about to charter your catamaran in Greece clicking on the link below.