catamaran-326555_1920Are you an adventure lover? If yes, then obviously you can enjoy a gorgeous Catamaran journey in Greece (or anywhere else, this post applies for any destination you have in mind), where you can discover an unforgettable island atmosphere, amazing sandy beaches, turquoise blue waters and many more unseen things.
Already, you may have a tour planned to enjoy a romantic retreat, would like to share your adventure with friends or family, or you are just thinking to start. Maybe you do not have any idea on how to choose a Catamaran according to your needs and budget. This is only for you! Here given below is your tricky problem’s solution.
The best-suited vessel can provide you the most value of your trip. When you are thinking of choosing an amazing catamaran to rent, you need to consider the condition of the sea and the numbers of adults and children that will visit the place with you. A tried and tested tip for you: in a Catamaran if you get more space that means you have more privacy! You can choose three types of charters:

Crewed charter means the catamaran comes with a whole crew, for e.g., engineer, captain, etc.

Bareboat charter. You provide your own crew and are responsible for taking care of the catamaran, remmember that in this case you will need a certified skipper.

Skippered charter which is rented with a professional  captain and will be responsible for the guiding of the boat.

A good quality catamaran has many advantages to help you enjoy your trip to the fullest; for example, catamarans are very stable, do not heel or roll at anchor. The rented Catamaran is safer for kids when they are running around. The good thing is it has a thinner light wind, for that reason it allows for a variety of activities for the visitors and for cruising or anchoring in shallow water.
You can get an idea below on how to rent a nice vessel according to your budget and which process is hassle free, comfortable, and manageable within your budget frame.

Choose everything within your budget limit

It’s true! Most of the things depend on your financial calculation and limitation. Firstly, you need to make a genuine and a convincing budget to rent a boat. The level of comfort and the size of a rental catamaran are fixed on your budget and sailing experience. Honestly speaking if you choose a bigger catamaran you will need to spend more money; For example, a new smaller Catamaran price can be the same as a larger older catamaran. Now you can think which one is worthy for you and other members.

When you choose to rent a boat for your family trip or a group from an owner directly, you need to complete the whole process, which has been given below:

1.- Choose your Catamaran charter’s destination: Obviously, maybe you have selected a dream destination in your mind for a long time. When you get an idea of your favourite destination, search for those catamarans which are available for renting in those areas.

2.- Select a superior Catamaran Charter: You can choose a splendid catamaran that provides a great holiday service for you and your family or group. It can be old or new but of course, the wise decision is to select a large catamaran, the larger the group of people the larger the catamaran. Before selecting a boat, remember to collect information about all the facilities you would like to receive.

3.- Contact with the owner: It takes a bit more time to do search and finally choose the perfect catamaran owner directly. When you have made your selection for a suitable vessel and a choice able destination, now you can start to look for owner lists and their service offerings. Some owners have websites and offer many services to give their boat for rent.

4.- Make a plan of the entire services offered on the catamaran charter: Possibly, you might feel confused to take tricky decisions when making a plan of the services that you will receive and the tools they will provide. Catamarans offer a huge array of services, but remember you should select those that are suitable for you and your family.

The plan involves even the smallest (or greater as you will see) things, such as how much water you will carry (water is scarce in the sea, so you will have to be cautious) how prevent your group from wasting electricity once in the boat and take care of the vessel as if it were your own, carry food that is easy to prepare etc.

5.-Sign the agreement papers: Now you are more careful, because of it is a very important moment for you, when signing the agreement papers. If you are confident and have full faith on the owner then you can take this big step. For essential arrangements complete and to secure the catamaran charter, you will typically need to pay 50% of the rental fee.

6.- Complete the final payment: This is the final financial process to deal with the owner and rent a catamaran for your tour.
If you decide to rent a boat directly from the owner, then you may need to do more inquiry before the final agreement, such as:
Record as evidence: You should keep all correspondence and records when you agreed to given amounts and all payments also.

Remmember that you also have the option to contact a professional agency that owns the boats it offers and has a good reputation, you can know more about that here.

If you have decided to charter a catamaran to sail, find the best catamarans clicking on the next link: