Are you an adventure lover? If yes, then obviously you can enjoy a gorgeous Catamaran journey in Greece (or anywhere else, this post applies for any destination you have in mind), where you can discover an unforgettable island atmosphere, amazing sandy beaches, turquoise blue waters and many more unseen things.
Already, you may have a tour planned to enjoy a romantic retreat, would like to share your adventure with friends or family, or you are just thinking to start. Maybe you do not have any idea on how to choose a Catamaran according to your needs and budget. This is only for you! Here given below is your tricky problem’s solution.
The best-suited vessel can provide you the most value of your trip. When you are thinking of choosing an amazing catamaran to rent, you need to consider the condition of the sea and the numbers of adults and children that will visit the place with you. A tried and tested tip for you: in a Catamaran if you get more space that means you have more privacy! …


Greece is a paradise of sparkling sunny beaches, very pleasant atmosphere, hundreds of islands, whitewashed villages, and many unseen magnificent things. You can discover high-class landscapes, spectacular lakes, rivers, lagoons, and eye-catching historical museums that make the country exceptional and unique from others. You can include in your visiting list, awesome nightlife scenes, cultural delights, and the people’s welcoming hospitality and of course taste the delicious food!
The most remarkable and attractive destinations
Among the most popular tourist destinations in the world is Greece. More than sixty occupied islands, historical sites that age over four million years, peaceful beaches, high mountain ranges, and many more tourist attractions are present in Greece. Europe’s prime tourist destination, Greece is offering its visitors attractive natural beauty and fascinating history. The most commonly visited sites in Greece, include the Mount Athos, that is the spiritual heart…


What is a Catamaran and what are its advantages??

This is a website that promotes catamarans, but my first goal is that you have objective information and make a decision based on what you have learned.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Catamarans vs monohulls?

A two hull is wider than a monohull and with equal length, the surface to be lived is downright friendlier on a catamaran. A monohull in unfriendly weather can lie down and get up on its own. A catamaran, if it sinks, it’s over. On a catamaran, there are 2 engines on the rear skirts, it helps enormously in the maneuvers at the dock, and the turn on itself is done with one hand. Although the monohull is more difficult to maneuver towards the dock, maintenance of the engine is frankly less expensive because there is only one engine. For safety, it defends itself, a catamaran is said unsinkable because with two hulls if one takes water, the other allows to float!!!!

Why I prefer to charter a catamaran than a monohull?